photo of Rob Boyle by Michal Janicki

Rob Boyle

I'm a game designer and DJ/producer. I created Eclipse Phase and co-own Posthuman Studios. I livestream DJ most Fridays and am a resident at Nexus 6. I'm based in Chicago.


I have worked as a game designer, developer, editor, and writer for over 20 years. My current efforts focus on the Eclipse Phase transhuman sci-fi tabletop RPG that I created with Brian Cross and other projects with Posthuman Studios. In the past I have worked on titles such as Shadowrun, Earthdawn, and BattleTech. We release new content on our patreon every month.

Eclipse Phase PDFs

The Eclipse Phase roleplaying game is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. You are free to download the files from the following dropbox link and share them with friends.We encourage you to support our work and purchase our books if you want to see the game thrive! You can find them at the Posthuman Shop or DriveThruRPG. You can also support my tip jar or our Patreon.

Techno-Industrial Fridays, 9pm-12am,


As DJ Sprite / Anarchotech, I spin techno-industrial, EBM, rhythmic noise, and similar dark electronic genres. I stream most Fridays with Flesh_Bot and am a resident at the monthly Nexus 6 dance nights at Subterranean in Chicago. Contact me about gigs, promo, or remixes.

Publication List

These are the published works to which I have contributed as a developer, designer, editor, writer, art director, and/or some other capacity.

TitleGame LineYear
XenovoreEclipse Phase2021
OverrunEclipse Phase2020
Eclipse Phase Second EditionEclipse Phase2019
EP2 QSR/AcrimonyEclipse Phase2017
ArgonautsEclipse Phase2017
X-RisksEclipse Phase2016
After the FallEclipse Phase2016
Transhumanity’s FateEclipse Phase/Fate2016
FirewallEclipse Phase2015
Million Year EchoEclipse Phase2014
The DevoteesEclipse Phase2014
Zone StalkersEclipse Phase2014
Morph Recognition GuideEclipse Phase2014
Shinobi ClansShinobi Clans2014
TranshumanEclipse Phase2013
Fieberglasträume(Cyberpunk Fiction Anthology)2013
Rimward: The Outer SystemEclipse Phase2012
NPC File 1: PrimeEclipse Phase2012
Ego HunterEclipse Phase2011
PanopticonEclipse Phase2011
The Stars Our DestinationEclipse Phase2011
ContinuityEclipse Phase2010
Bump in the NightEclipse Phase2010
GatecrashingEclipse Phase2010
Sunward: The Inner SystemEclipse Phase2010
Eclipse Phase First EditionEclipse Phase2009
Seattle 2072Shadowrun2009
Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Core RulebookShadowrun2009
Ghost CartelsShadowrun2009
Feral CitiesShadowrun2008
Corporate EnclavesShadowrun2008
Street MagicShadowrun2006
Runner HavensShadowrun2006
On the RunShadowrun2006
Worlds of the DeadAll Flesh Must Be Eaten2006
Shadowrun Fourth EditionShadowrun2005
System FailureShadowrun2005
Shadows of AsiaShadowrun2005
Loose AlliancesShadowrun2005
Shadows of EuropeShadowrun2004
Mr. Johnson’s Little Black BookShadowrun2004
State of the Art: 2064Shadowrun2004
Book of DragonsEarthdawn2004
Dragons of the Sixth WorldShadowrun2003
State of the Art: 2063Shadowrun2003
Sprawl Survival GuideShadowrun2003
Target: WastelandsShadowrun2002
Survival of the FittestShadowrun2002
Wake of the CometShadowrun2002
Shadows of North AmericaShadowrun2002
Digital BurnDigital Burn2002
Welcome to Potter’s LakeHeaven & Earth2001
Rigger 3Shadowrun2001
Threats 2Shadowrun2001
Target: Awakened LandsShadowrun2001
Year of the CometShadowrun2001
Barsaive at WarEarthdawn2001
BattleTech Master Rules RevisedBattleTech2001
Target: MatrixShadowrun2000
Cannon CompanionShadowrun2000
Blake Aviation SecurityCrimson Skies2000
Crucible: Conquest of the Final RealmCrucible2000
Zykhee ForcebookVOR2000
Neo-Soviet ForcebookVOR2000
Corporate PunishmentShadowrun1999
Renraku Arcology: ShutdownShadowrun1999
Man & Machine: CyberwareShadowrun1999
Magic in the ShadowsShadowrun1999
Wings Over ManhattanCrimson Skies1999
Corporate DownloadShadowrun1999
Shadowrun CompanionShadowrun1999
Union ForcebookVOR1999
Growler ForcebookVOR1999
MechWarrior’s Guide to Solaris VIIMechWarrior1999
VOR: The MaelstromVOR1999
Crystal Raiders of BarsaiveEarthdawn1999
Ork Nation of Cara FahdEarthdawn1999
First RunShadowrun1999
Field Manual: ComStarBattleTech1999
Operation: StilettoBattleTech1999
The Clans: Warriors of KerenskyBattleTech1999
MechWarrior Third EditionMechWarrior1999
Field Manual: Warden ClansBattleTech1998
Field Manual: Crusader ClansBattleTech1998
Twilight of the ClansBattleTech1998
New SeattleShadowrun1999
Shadowrun Third EditionShadowrun1998
Blood in the BoardroomShadowrun1998